Friday, January 25, 2013

Pressure on Springsteen to Play Apartheid Israel Increases

In an interview by the Jerusalem Post, an Israeli booking agent, Shuki Weiss, reveals how intense the pressure is on Bruce Springsteen to sing in apartheid Israel.  Weiss reveals his confidence that Springsteen will perform in Israel.  Weiss goes on indirectly admit when [if] Springsteen plays Israel, it will not be for financial gain, making it a pure political motive placing Israel in his favor.  From past history, we can be absolutely sure that the Israeli government will take full advantage of Springsteen as their trophy boycott breaker if he plays Tel Aviv.  

“I can say with full confidence that a Springsteen show will take place in Israel,” said Weiss in an interview with The Jerusalem Post that will appear in Friday’s Jerusalem Post Magazine.

“It’s not a financial consideration or any other consideration – when it happens, it will happen. Our communication with his management is excellent, and there have been three times that we were so close to closing a deal,” said Weiss.

“Like many touring acts, his time in Europe is restricted... and we’re not a very big market. To play in Israel, you’re looking at a loss of days – in the time it takes to fly here, set up, play one or two shows and fly out, you could perform four nights in a row in Europe.”

“These big tours have so many factors – the manager, the band, the agent, production manager, the routing – it’s so hard to coordinate between all those elements. But it happened with the Chili Peppers and it will happen with Bruce.”

Along with constant pressure from the Israeli booking agent on Springsteen's management, the tactics to bring The Boss to Israel have bordered on the pitiful and the absurd.
The pitiful:  A facebook "group" with 198 members dedicated to bringing Bruce to Israel, and a petition started in 2007 that has garnered only 2% (see right) of its goal in signatures.

The absurd:  Help an 11 year old Israeli middle school age boy to get the Hanukkah gift of his dreams:   a second time to see Bruce (the first being when he was also 11, but in Boston on a vacation).  Supposedly, this young boy posted on facebook, just hours ago:
It was a HUGE week for the Bring the Boss to Israel online petition! We passed 2000 sign ups, had great coverage on Jpost, and Shuki Weiss Promotion & Production knows that we're in it to win it :) Keep up the amazing work!
LIKE and SHARE y'all so Bruce Springsteen knows how much we want him to play in Israel :)
Meanwhile, the cultural boycott of Israel continues to grow.  Just this year, Lollapalooza planners reported that   "The festival’s main sponsor, the company NMC United, pulled out not long after the festival was announced, after the production was unable to guarantee that international artists would visit Israel."  Plans for Lollapalooza Israel were apparently scrapped.